About snippifyΒΆ

Snippify is a web-app for storing online code snippets. It was created and is now maintained by Alexandru Plugaru (sasha at snippify me) to experience Django Web framework goodness. Also the awesome UI designer that made the layout of this website, CSS and a lot of testing is Andrei Zahariade (http://random-pixels.com/) - you’re the best dude :D

Obviously I and probably you need an app like this to store our own recipes.

It started as a simple project for posting snippets with syntax highlighting (thanks Pygments!), but now it’s rather social with a REST interface which can be used using these plugins in different IDE’s and Firefox

The best part of all is that this is a FLOSS project so the code of this website and plugins are freely available on github so feel free to grab it or contribute.

Happy snippifying!